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Moody’s: Nordic banks’ outlook bolstered by stable operating conditions, strong capital levels

“The outlook for Nordic banks is stable as operating conditions will remain supportive for banks in 2019 amid robust economic growth”, says Moody’s Investors Service in a report published on the 12th of December. 信用评级机构预计经济增长率为2比2.北欧地区的5%,以支持2019年的贷款质量, and protective features built into banks’ underwriting standards will mitigate the risks posed by high household debt and fast-rising house prices.

“Nordic banks are among the most strongly capitalized in Europe and we expect this to continue to be a key attribute,让·弗朗索瓦·特朗布雷说, 副总经理, 穆迪. “Most banks have material headroom above their regulatory capital requirements and strong capital generation capacity.”

Large Nordic banks will remain more profitable than most of their European peers, 支撑其稳健的资本水平. The banks are among the most cost-efficient in Moody’s rated universe.

进入资本市场, 北欧银行的重要资金来源, 会在2019年保持强劲吗, 尽管融资成本可能会小幅上升. Reliance on volatile market funding will be partly mitigated by the wide use of more stable covered bonds.

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10 reasons why you should consider expanding your business into the Nordic countries

尽管文化, economic and business differences the Nordic countries have many positive aspects in common. The choice of where to locate a business in this part of the world will naturally depend on the specific nature of the business in question. Scandicorp will happily discuss with you about the benefits of a specific country for your business. 在这篇文章中, we will look at 10 good reasons for a foreign business to establish a presence in the Nordic countries (挪威, 瑞典和芬兰).

1. 高的国际排名

The Nordic countries rank very high in international benchmarks in the top places of the most secure and best places to live, least corrupt countries and one of the best 健康 systems in the world.

2. 可靠性

一切工作. If something doesn’t work, it will usually be addressed as soon as possible. You save a lot of time and nerves when you can rely on the infrastructure, 物流、计时等.

3. 英语

Most Nordic people are fluent in 英语 and will be more than happy to practice their 英语 with you. Although a basic understanding of the local language will make everyday life easier for you.

4. 高度熟练的劳动力

Thanks to a good public schooling system and a high overall level of 教育, recruiting locals will be relatively easy in most fields of business.

5. 温和的企业所得税

The Nordic countries have traditionally been perceived as high-tax jurisdictions. However, the corporate tax rates are very moderate in international comparison.

6. 商业环境

北欧国家拥有非常强大的金融部门, 一个稳定的, 道德和可预测的商业环境. 这为长期的业务解决方案提供了坚实的基础. Good logistics thanks to modern airports, efficient ports and railways.

7. 创业现场热闹,新技术开拓

The governments of the Nordic countries as well as local communities have encouraged and supported research and development, 创建创业中心和事件. 事实证明,初创企业的氛围非常鼓舞人心.

8. 相对容易找到当地的合作伙伴

It’s good to find local partners who you could collaborate with on common projects as this will help build your credibility.

9. 超过2500万消费者

In a consistent market with a strong purchasing power due to the relatively high GDP per capita.

10. 是测试新想法和新产品的好地方

Nordic consumers and businesses are among the first to adapt to technologically, 新产品和新概念. Testing your new products and technologies in the Nordics first before going global may be a smart move.



Bloomberg Markets recently published a survey ”The Battle of Ideas” ranking the most innovative countries in the World. 韩国位居榜首. The silver medal was won by 瑞典 which climbed up one place from last year passing Germany.

The Nordic countries are still highly ranked on the list: 芬兰 as number five, 丹麦是8个,挪威是14个. Bloomberg ranks countries on the basis of parameters such as patent activity, 高新技术企业数量, 教育和研究.

彭博社的调查与另一份最近的报告相吻合, the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017 (GTCI) published by Adecco and INSEAD. According to this report the Nordic countries rank among the top in the World. GTCI focuses on how 技术 affects talent competitiveness and the nature of work. 芬兰在正规教育方面排名第一, 高职招生, 社会流动性, 环境绩效, 就业能力, ease of finding employees and availability of scientists and engineers.

Do you want to set up your business in one of the most innovative regions of the world? Feel free to contact Scandicorp who will happily provide you with any help and information.





The Nordic countries ranked as top five overall in this year’s Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index. 瑞典 as first, 紧随其后的是挪威, 芬兰, 丹麦 and Iceland.

完全, 该指数评估了180个国家的自然资本, 资源强度, 智力资本, 社会凝聚力与治理. The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index utilizes recognized data sources (the World Bank, various UN databases) and 109 quantitative performance indicators to measure performance.

The index was compiled by Swiss-Korean sustainability think-tank and advisory SolAbility.

The Nordic countries will no doubt be a good choice to establish a Cleantech startup. Likewise this market would be well suited for established Cleantech companies to test their products and 服务. Scandicorp will gladly provide you with guidance and corporate 服务.




丹麦, 紧随其后的是挪威, 芬兰 and 瑞典 turned out to enjoy the world’s best and fairest rule of law according to a new global ranking report by the World Justice Project (WSP). 法治是自由民主的基本条件.

More than 100,000 households and experts were surveyed to measure rule of law in 113 countries. The index is based on the primary factors of: constraint on government powers, 没有腐败, 开放的政府, 基本权利, 秩序和安全, 监管执法, 民事司法和刑事司法.

Here are the top four performers in each of the index’s main categories:

Constraints on Government Powers – 丹麦, 挪威, 芬兰, Netherlands
Regulatory Enforcement – Singapore, Netherlands, 挪威, 瑞典

One more good reason to establish a business presence in the Nordic countries?






Scandicorp, 在斯德哥尔摩和奥斯陆都有办事处, is now a member of the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm.

Both Scandicorp and the Chamber of Commerce share a common purpose: to help entrepreneurs and companies in either country to establish a presence in the other country.

Scandicorp is convinced that many Norwegian companies would benefit greatly from neighboring 瑞典 and vice versa. If you are a Swedish or Norwegian entrepreneur interested in expanding your horizons good ways to start your journey may be to contact Scandicorp or the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Scandicorp will happily help you with establishing a presence and provide you with accounting and company management 服务.

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卡特拉是领先的房地产投资专家, 基金管理与银行业, 业务遍及欧洲12个国家. Catella最近发布了一份北欧市场追踪报告.


The Northern European property market is increasingly featuring in the pan-European real estate portfolios of institutional investors. 与其他欧洲国家相比, the economic transparency and prosperity of the markets in the Nordic countries makes them a popular option. Also, the availability of capital opens up new investment opportunities. Catella foresees these opportunities, especially for investments in the office and retail markets.

在一般情况下, some 90% of invested capital in the Nordic countries is based on domestic markets (瑞典, 丹麦, 挪威和芬兰), 但这种情况将会改变. 来自德国的需求, 法国和英国的投资者在过去三个季度里有所增长, not least through pressure from capital markets to look for 一个稳定的 income stream.

“Many markets offer clear potential for portfolio diversification. Copenhagen and Helsinki display a correlation that is slightly negative, as does Berlin. 斯德哥尔摩的相关性低于确定的水平, 例如, 德国城市科隆和杜塞尔多夫, 从里斯本的角度来看也是如此, 华沙和伦敦的投资者. 在这样的背景下, 把北欧部分和德国部分结合起来, Spanish or Belgium office property segment could be a successful strategy for anyone interested in risk diversification,”博士解释说. 托马斯Beyerle, 卡特拉集团研究主管, talking about the investment strategy from an international perspective.


Catellas报告的结论是: “The Nordic countries are not as homogeneous as international stereotypes often suggest. 在投资时要注意这些显著的差异. 投资者不仅需要了解瑞典的情况, 挪威, 丹麦和芬兰在社交方面有所不同, 经济和政治领域, but there’s something else international observers should keep an eye on, 以及北欧内部投资模式. This report thus concludes that the northern European countries represent enormous potential when it comes to diversifying multinational portfolios. 此外, they also demonstrate structural stability for long-term investors with multi-country and multi-asset funds/strategy.”





伦敦智库, 列格坦研究所, 再次发布年度全球繁荣指数. This year’s index ranks 挪威 as the most prosperous country among 142 countries.

The index compares 89 variables including traditional indicators like per capita gross domestic product and the number of people in full-time work in addition to factors such as number of secure internet servers in the country and how well rested people feel on a day-to-day basis. 然后,这些变量被分成8个子指标:经济, 企业家和机会, 治理, 教育, 健康, 安全与安全, 个人自由, 和社会资本.

挪威 has topped the Prosperity Index for the last past seven years. 挪威 is the only country ranked in the top 10 of every sub-index.


丹麦3日, 在瑞士(2日), and second best when it comes to 企业家和机会.

瑞典第五, 源自新西兰(第4位), ranks the best for 企业家和机会 and also fares well in 安全与安全. 中国在今年的指数中上升了一个位置.

芬兰9日 , ranked the third best in 安全与安全 and fifth best in 治理, 然而, the relatively poor economy has pushed the country down a rank from last year.

冰岛12 , 与去年相比下降了一个名次, but ranks in the top five in three sub-indexes; 个人自由, 创业、机会、安全和保障.

Would you be interested in expanding your business into this prosperous market?




瑞典北欧联合银行, 北欧地区最大的银行, is launching a platform for crowdfunding where individuals can participate in the financing of unlisted companies through purchasing shares in such companies. The bank appears to be taking up the fight against startups in the fintech business.

该平台将于今天在芬兰宣布, where the Finnish Crowdfunding Act is scheduled to come into force in 2016年7月. 根据世行的推特账户, the platform will be announced in 瑞典 tomorrow in connection with the quarterly report.

Crowdfunding and crowdlending have become popular in the Nordic region. 在瑞典, 例子是Fundedbyme , 借钱的 , pepin , 提契诺和Kameo, all of which have entered the business from slightly different different angles. These players have been able to act undisturbed by major banks for more than five years , but now Nordea becomes the first traditional bank to embark in the crowdfunding area .


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Forbes gauged the World’s Best Countries for Business by grading 144 nations on 11 different factors: property rights, 创新, 税, 技术, 腐败, 自由(个人, 贸易和货币), 繁文缛节, 投资者保护和股市表现. 丹麦 scored first, 挪威 third, 瑞典 fifth, and 芬兰 sixth. 新西兰位居第二,爱尔兰位居第四.